Learning Areas

The centre has dynamic learning areas that are evaluated and extended upon throughout the year. We provide children with opportunities to become familiar with the setting as we only change displays based on a room interest change or educator-initiated idea. All learning environments promote curiosity, imaginations and dispositions for learning whilst encouraging creativity, socialisation, exploration and discovery.

We believe all children are capable and resourceful and always help them to achieve what they are doing. Giving children positive guidance and empowering them to complete an activity nurtures their sense of belonging, develops their relations with others, allows the child to be in the moment, builds their self-esteem, makes them comfortable with routine changes and helps children learn acceptable behaviour.

At Kid’n Around we always see children as our focus and make sure the learning is captured from their perspective. The learning captured by educators and shared with families is of what the child can do and finds interesting in the moment. We believe that learning should be driven by the child not the adult in the relationship.

Our curriculum is implemented after an idea emerges from an individual, a group of children or an educator and it evolves like project work. Our room interests allow children to make choices, show their critical thinking skills, understanding and voices within a topic of learning.

Having consistent environments allows children to develop, refine and master concepts and processes in full. Our educators respond to individual children’s development and add resources where children can extend their critical thinking skills when a child displays solid understand of what they are playing with.

Kid’n Around does provide many planned incursions and celebrations such as dress up and relaxation week throughout the year, to give children and families opportunities to learn more about important concepts within the curriculum.

The centre regards health, safety and hygiene as a top priority and environmental cleanliness is regularly conducted by educators. Disposable and single use paper towel is always used to clean toys and benches. Furniture, toys and equipment are also maintained to a high level for child interactions.


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