National Quality Framework

The introduction of the National Quality Framework in 2012 agreed upon by all Australian Governments improves the quality of Education and Care Services within Australia.

The NQF urges all Australian Education and Care Services to continuously strive to improve their practices to improve the learning outcomes of children.

The main objectives of the NQF include:

  • Safe guarding the health and safety of children who attend an education and care service
  • Increasing the educational and developmental outcomes of children who attend an education and care service
  • Having education and care services continuously improving their policies and procedures to better the outcomes for children
  • Increasing public knowledge about the quality of education and care services

The guiding principles of the NQF include:

  • Safeguarding the rights of every child
  • Viewing all children as capable learners
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Valuing Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture
  • Recognising that families are children’s first teachers
  • Having services that always deliver best practice

National Law and Regulations

The Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations stipulate the operational and legal responsibilities Kid’n Around must adhere to provide a high-quality care and education service.

National Quality Standards

The National Quality Standards are part of the Education and Care Services National Regulations. These seven quality areas set a national benchmark for quality education and care services. The standards have powerful statements instructing a child care centre to meet or exceed the National Standard. All education and care services within Australia implement the National Quality Standards as a guide to help them meet the National Quality Standards.

  • QA1 Educational program and practice
  • QA2 Children’s health and safety
  • QA3 Physical environment
  • QA4 Staffing arrangements
  • QA5 Relationships with children
  • QA6 Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • QA7 Governance and leadership (insert color version on page 11 of Guide to NQF)