Online Portfolio


Each family is provided a secure login for our ‘Xplor Playground’ that journals your child’s interests and strengths. Your individual child’s learning portal will always be a positive record of what your child is learning while at Kid’N Around.

Xplor Playground is a great App for busy families that contains your learning journey’s, the centre’s  policies, procedures, monthly newsletters and forms that you may need whilst at the centre. We find this online system of documenting provides a way for busy families to exchange information with our educators at a time that is convenient for you.

Educators complete a detailed monthly learning journey which help families see their child’s development and progress.

We do encourage family participation with your child’s learning while at Kid’n Around. At the bottom of an observation or daily photo post, parents can provide a comment that the educators can see. Family participation with their child’s individual portal helps link the service and home to make it a true journey of your child, not just of the time your children spend here with us at Kid’n Around.